Pro Hubstands

Manufactured with custom mounting holes that will suit your car.

-Adjustable height 35mm

-Rigid construction

-Transfer load bearings

-Adjustable wheel offset +12 to -50 ET

-Mounting plates can be changed to suit different cars

-Available with aluminum box

Why you should consider using Hub stands? If you want to go faster and faster eventually you'll have to work a lot with your car suspension. We offer a time-saving solution that is becoming a must-have thing for all racers - Pro Hubstands. You can easily adjust the suspension on track. Hub stands allow easy access to all suspension components that can be adjusted, also raise the car, so getting underneath is easier. Toe, camber, even caster(need additional tool) can be measured and adjusted on a track with 0.02 precision. Mounting holes, measuring offset, engraving, anodizing - all this can be changed according to your needs. These are high-strength Hub stands as they are cut from 6082-T6 20mm aluminium with a CNC mill. They have 0.01-degree accuracy. 
Here we have PRO Hub stands version that is reinforced for better accuracy and has adjustable height. This version also has transfer load bearings that allows vehicle to roll easily in all directions and remove any additional stress from suspension. 

These stands can be used with our Laser alignment kit!

Parts can be sold separately:

4 Hub stands + base plates: 1410€ + VAT

4 Hub stand single nut adapters 160€ + VAT

4 back spacers 10mm (for negative offset brake discs like Huracan ST) 120€ + VAT

Aluminium box with foam inserts 200€ + VAT

It's best to contact [email protected] and discuss your needs for these stands.