NP Laser alignment adds

NP Laser alignment kit for Hub stands

This is our long tested and finally released product to make suspension alignment process easier and more precise! Forget string setup!

Why is this better compared to string alignment method?

1. Precision. Apart from all other human error possibilities with string alignment our biggest difference is the distance we use to measure Toe angle. String setups can measure along 500-700mm rulers and mechanics claim they get 0.5mm accuracy. Our laser alignment tool measures between wheelbase so we are looking at 2500+- mm distance with accuracy of 1mm. We have CNC machined laser housings, precise lasers and everything is calibrated once assembled.

2.Compact. No need to mount frames around the car that might get damaged and are difficult to transport.

3.Ease of use is another great advantage here! Mount the lasers, measure laser width and adjust target offset accordingly. Now alignment adjustment is ready and it's possible to watch directly how it changes on laser Targets.

4. Additional features. Our method naturally ensures correct thrust angle after alignment is done.

5. Axle misalignment. Our 90 degrees adapters help you check if wheels on the same axle are actually positioned in line. Useful feature with lots of suspension adjustability or checking frame squareness after crashes.

6. Caster adapter. 15 degrees adapter is also included so it would be possible to turn wheels 15 degrees and check caster precisely.

Laser alignment kit            820 eur + VAT

2x 90 degrees adapters    100 eur + VAT

1x 15deg caster adapter     50 eur + VAT

Transport box                      120eur + VAT