Laser alignment adds

Laser alignment adds for hub stands

This is our long tested and finally released product to make your alignment adjustment much easier and more precise. We have CNC machined precise housing from aluminium, high quality line lasers are calibrated, billet engraved targets. Everything anodized matt black. This beats string alignment setup precision and ease of use. No need for frames around the car.

Why is this better then widely used string alignment method?

Apart from all other human error possibilities with string alignment biggest difference is the distance we use to measure Toe angle. String setups can measure along 500-700mm rulers and mechanics claim they get 0.5mm accuracy. Our laser alignment tools measure between wheelbase so we are looking at 2500+- mm distance with accuracy of 1mm. 

Ease of use is another thing here. Where you have to spend time to mount and setup string setup to it's place, here you just need to measure mounted laser width on front and rear axle and offset half those distances difference on targets so you would make square system where target and laser is positioned in square setup.