Hubstands - CUSTOM MADE

Hubstands - CUSTOM MADE

CNC Machined 6082-T6 Aluminum

0.02 degree accuracy

Toe adjustability

Camber adjustability

Caster adjustability (requires extra tool)

Easy suspension adjustment

Mounting holes, measuring offset, engraving, anodizing - can be changed to suit different cars!

Levelling plates are recommended

If your car requires single nut adapters or a custom hubstand solution, we are well equipped to assist you. Please contact us if you have any questions  about required hubstands!

Usual Pricings:

4 Custom Hubstands 600 Euros + VAT

4 Hubstand base plates 220 Euros + VAT

4 Hubstands + 4 base plates 800 Euros + VAT

4 Single nut adapters 120 Euros + VAT

2X 10mm spacers 60 Euros + VAT

Custom hubstand delivery time 2-3 weeks depending on workload.