NP car setup package FULL

Experience unparalleled control and performance with our Precision Laser Alignment System. This kit is specially engineered for both professional racing applications and auto enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive solution for suspension geometry adjustment. Whether you're a race car owner, a builder, or a car lover, our kit offers the precision you need to optimize your vehicle's handling and speed.

Key components of our Laser Alignment Kit include:

1. **CNC-Machined Components**: Our entire kit is CNC machined from billet aluminum, ensuring the utmost precision and durability. This rigorous manufacturing process guarantees components that integrate seamlessly, ensuring accurate alignment for any vehicle.

2. **Adjustable Height and Offset Stands**: These robust, rigid stands, precision-crafted from billet aluminum, offer stability during alignment. Adjustable in height and offset, they can accommodate a wide variety of vehicle configurations.

3. **Base Leveling Plates**: These plates establish a stable, flat surface for alignment tasks and can be adjusted to compensate for ground irregularities, ensuring a balanced setup.

4. **High-Precision Laser Alignment Modules**: Our innovative laser modules project a clear, straight line for optimal alignment accuracy. This technology ensures reliable and precise results every time and is much more accurate then string alignment setups.

5. **Compact Aluminum Transport Box**: All components are securely organized in a lightweight, sturdy aluminum box for easy transportation and storage. Your alignment tools are always well-protected and ready for use.

In addition to these features, we also offer custom mounting solutions to suit any vehicle. Regardless of the make or model of your car, we can tailor our kit to meet your specific needs, ensuring perfect wheel alignment for optimal handling and speed.


NP Pro hub stands with leveling base plates
NP Laser alignment kit
NP Laser alignment 90 degrees adapters 2 pieces
Digital dual axis angle reader
Aluminium transport box

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